Svetlana Bogatcheva & Jennifer Lipkin  

with Jan Lehmus & NaoWao

A time that has reshaped the world, divided us and simultaneously forced us to return to the essential: 

The exhibition "You’ve Changed” examines creation in a world of change. It seeks to remind us of the transformative power of art, and its ability to serve as a source of enthusiasm, stability, purpose, and belief in the future.

The exhibition stems from the conversations the artists Svetlana Bogatcheva and Jennifer Lipkin had during the pandemic, spring of 2021.

The artists shared experiences of empowerment, despair, immobilization, digital togetherness and a longing for connection to others and the outside world. Materiality, color and a dedication to the creative process became a source of comfort for both artists during these trying times.

Bogatcheva and Lipkin serve as artist-curators of the exhibition.  With the aim of creating a complete narrative they have combined personal and collaborative works, as well as pieces by the invited artists Jan Lehmus and Nao Wao.  

Exhibition works are multifaceted in the broadest sense of the word. With  installations, immersive digital and audio works experimental sculptures and abstract paintings, Bogatcheva and Lipkin invite the audience to multisensory moments.

All works available for purchase directly from the artists

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Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Swedish-Ostrobothnian Society (SÖS), Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and Paulo Foundation have supported the artists' work and the production process of the exhibition.