1. Bio

Svetlana Bogatcheva

B. 1986

The interdisciplinary practice of  Svetlana Bogatcheva fuses collage, word art, installation and sculpture, created with a focus on materiality, process, and innovation. Svetlana reuses found textiles, objects, and industrial materials to produce works that explore themes of identity, transformation, personal experience of rootlessness and the climate emergency.

Rubber, plastic, hardware, synthetic hair, leather, cotton, ash and sand are assembled into sculptural and tactile, often reflective surfaces and objects that transform with the shifting perspective and light. Individual works evolve during their lifespan in the studio whilst multiple sculptures are composed and recomposed into various installations. Bogatcheva’s sculptures embody a frozen moment of movement, resulting in swirling abstractions, as seen in her series "Rebirth".

Svetlana Bogatcheva has exhibited internationally with works held in private and public collections. The  artist is a graduate of Hyper Island, Sweden (Digital media and innovation, 2007) and has a decade-long career as an award-winning creative producer, building global brands like Nike, adidas, Diesel and BMW.

Artistic collaborations include Self Portrait, Hvisk and Culturafest.
Instagram @svetlana_bogatcheva